• Jon Gosier (Founder, Director & CEO)

    Jon Gosier is a respected blogger, software developer, and designer working at the intersection of open data, human rights, and African development. He is the founder or co-founder of several organizations and initiatives including AfriLabs, Appfrica, Abayima, Hive Colab, MetaLayer and SeedCapitalAfrica. And has held a Executive leadership roles at others including Ushahidi and QuestionBox.

    In 2012 Jon founded Abayima, a non-profit organization that provides technology solutions for protecting human rights and free speech around the globe. Abayima was inspired by the plight of activists in countries like Uganda, Syria, and Egypt when authorities severed (or monitored) citizen access to the internet or mobile communication. Abayima provides solutions that allow citizens and journalists to communicate in spite of such measures.

    In 2009 Jon spoke at TED in Oxford, UK about is work connecting rural African villages to the internet through a call center and light infrastructure. The service, in collaboration with non-profit OpenMind, was called QuestionBox and allowed rural Africans with no access to the internet to ask questions and get timely, vetted answers to everyday questions.

    Email: jon@abayima.com

  • Ahmed Maawy

    Ahmed Maawy has spent more than 10 years developing web, mobile, and enterprise software as well as being a project manager for a number of software products and projects. He has worked with corporations and non profits alike, as well as media agencies such as Al Jazeera New Media (on 3 important curation projects covering Somalia, Libya and Gaza) as well as Internews Europe. He has also worked for Ushahidi as a Software Engineer for SwiftRiver, Datadyne as Product Manager for EpiSurveyor, and with Kenya Airways for their Online Marketing strategy, Bookings and Reservations engines, and overall web strategy, to name a few.

    Email: ahmed@abayima.com

  • Matthew Griffiths

    Matthew Griffiths is a software developer and technical architect. Matthew graduated with a first class honors degree in Computer Science before spending eight years architecting and building e-business, e-commerce and financial systems in London. He held a Director-level position as CTO of Appfrica, a Ugandan based software firm and also worked with Jon at Ushahidi as Director of Platform for the SwiftRiver project. He mostly spends his time trying to make sense of the endless stream of content produced by the Web.

    Email: matt@abayima.com

  • Bahiyah Yasmeen Robinson

    Bahiyah Yasmeen Robinson became involved in social entrepreneurship at a young age, partnering with friend out of high school to run a fashion line that sourced and imported local fabrics from women’s cooperatives in Tanzania. That experience invigorated Bahiyah’s love for international, cross-cultural exchange and commerce. She went on to explore the world of media and entertainment in order to obtain a well rounded view of the media industry, eventually returning to her true passion: international affairs and social entrepreneurship.

    To date, Bahiyah has established and ran non-profit organizations and businesses with ties to Sub-Saharan Africa, the U.S. and Brazil. She has a degree in International Relations, and has worked with large NGOs, including the Council on Foreign Relations and Ashoka in both administrative and consulting roles. Her passion is international branding, marketing and organizational development, building public-private partnerships that add value to all parties, and aligning business practices with clear and well intentioned core values.

    Email: bahiyah@abayima.com